Couponing Class

Friday, October 26, 2012
1252 Shepard Way
Shelbyville, KY 40065

If you are a couponer, new to couponing, or just interested in couponing, this seminar will teach you everything you need to know to get started. Class is $10/person.

We will cover the Basics including organizing and collecting coupons, stacking, doubling, blogs and getting the most for your money. This class will teach you how to effectively shop at Kroger, WalMart, Target, and more!

…Did I mention door prizes??!!

Please RSVP here…space is limited. (If you do not have a facebook account, you can RSVP by email to

Please share with your friends!


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FREE Couponing Seminar?!

Nothing is better than FREE! Ever notice how the food you get free with coupons tastes better than when you pay for it? And the free shampoo always smells better, right? Well, maybe not…but if you are interested in taking one of my couponing seminars and would like to get it for free, listen up!

Right now, if you hold a class for 8 of your friends, as the host/hostess, you get the seminar completely FREE! (Usually, I have an on-going promotion to do this if you have 10 friends there.) Now, through April & May, you only have to have 8 people! Not only will you get the classes free but you will also get a free beginner’s coupon binder!

How many of you can think of 8 friends/family members that would love to attend a Couponing Class? I mean really, who doesn’t want to learn how to save money?! Even better, I might be able to help you get at least 8 guests to your event! I have had LOTS of people interested in coming to upcoming Coupon Classes!

Some ideas of who to invite to get a group together….

  • Family
  • Friends at Work
  • Church Group
  • PTO at your child’s school
  • MOPS organization/ Mother’s Day Out Programs

I do lots of different venues. Here is a little more about what we would do in a Couponing Class…

Classes are $10/person and cover Couponing 101: The Basics and Couponing 201: DrugStores (Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc.) The charge is to cover the cost of supplies, etc for the class. It’s a great way to have fun with friends! Classes include games and door prizes, too! And who doesn’t want to learn how to save money in this struggling economy!?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact me here. If you know someone that might like more infomation, please share this by clicking the social networking/email buttons below! Thanks and Happy Saving! 😉

Top 5 Couponing Myths Busted!

Several thoughts about couponing have been running through my mind recently,  prompted mostly by cashiers/managers and other consumers that have the wrong idea about coupons (and maybe my husband watching so much MythBusters lately.) This has led me to the the Top 5 Couponing Myths that I think need to be busted! After all, most of us who are already couponers can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t do it! I mean, who doesn’t like to save money, right?! Well, maybe some people out there just aren’t as educated on this process as we are. So here ya go…

1. Using Coupons is stealing from Stores.

You might think that stores are shorting their profits by taking your coupons but this is completely FALSE!! Stores are reimbursed by the manufacturer for all manufacturer’s coupons (and most of the coupons we use are manufacturer coupons.) Not only do the stores receive the face value of the coupon but they also get shipping and handling cost for the stores to send the coupons in to them. Look at it this way: if the stores weren’t getting paid for coupons they wouldn’t accept them and coupons wouldn’t be one of the top profitable revenues for them! If the manufacturer wasn’t making a profit, they would stop sending out the coupons. Remember, there are lots of consumers who happily pay full price for the same items we get free or cheap with coupons!

2. You can ONLY get JUNK FOOD with coupons.

Sure you can usually get candy and junk cheap with coupons but you can just as easily get healthy and organic products with coupons too! Basically, this is a personal preference. We eat our share of junk food but one of my favorite sections in our local Kroger is the Organic sections. One of my favorite recent steals: Mom’s Best Organic cereal for $.49/box after sale and coupons!

I know produce coupons and/or organics coupons are more rare but they are out there! Here are a couple of tips when buying organic products/produce. First, if there is a brand you like, contact the company’s website or call center directly to ask for coupons. Lots of times, they will send coupons directly to you if you ask! Second, find a blog specifically for good deals on organic products. A good one to check out is Organic Deals & Coupons or do a Swagbucks search for Organic Couponing Blogs.

3. To be effective at couponing, you have to spend lots of time on it each week.

I have said this before, and I will say it again…Couponing is not my life! It isn’t even my full-time or part-time job! I spend an average of 2-4 hours per week organizing, clipping, and sorting my coupons. Now, granted this does not include the actual shopping, only organizing. When I started couponing, it did take a little longer (maybe 4-6 hours.) As I refined my method and got to know what I was doing, I didn’t have to spend as much time on it. I use a binder-method for my coupons that is a little more complex and time consuming than other methods. But really, you don’t even have to spend this much time if you don’t have it. There are several methods like the “No-Clip Insert” Method or the “Envelope” System that may save even more time. The point is couponing should be fun and complement your life…not take it over! If you are using a complicated couponing method, chances are you won’t stick with it. And if you don’t stick with it, you won’t be saving any money!

4. All Couponers are HOARDERS!

We have all seen on tv where some couponers go insane and hoard 300 bottles of mustard or a 40 years supply of toilet paper or take over their garage with diapers they are hoarding (even when they do not have any children in diapers!) I will admit, sometimes people can go overboard with the stockpiling! But you have to realize that we are watching this on reality tv…and it is nothing close to reality! After all, reality tv is meant to shock and awe, it wouldn’t be so addicting with out the drama, right? I don’t know about you but I don’t have enough storage space in my home as it is…and no, I am not going to take over my children’s bedrooms to store 1000 tubes of toothpaste! Let’s be real here. Sales run on a 6-8 week cycle so really your stock pile should only be enough for 6-8 weeks. My “stockpile storage” is this: my pantry for food, 3 shelves in my garage for cleaners and things that aren’t affected by extreme temps, and 3 small totes under my bed for personal items/toiletries. Stuff isn’t taking over my house, and it shouldn’t take over yours either. The point is to save money on things that you need or can donate, not to just get stuff! If we are buying things, just because we have a coupon for it, we will be spending money on products we wouldn’t normally buy. This is never a good deal. Another great tip: Go through your stockpile every 3-4 months and donate some stuff to someone or an organization who will use it. It feels great to be able to bless others!

5.Couponers NEVER buy things without a coupon!

Of course this isn’t true! Everyone at some point or another buys something without a coupon. In fact, I do this on a regular basis. GASP! I know. But really, sometimes what you need just isn’t on sale and sometimes you just can’t get a coupon for it. If you are saving on everything else, one of two things in your cart without coupons aren’t going to matter that much. As I teach in my classes, if you need toilet paper…DO NOT use the napkin deal you got last week. Just go buy it. 😉 Your family will thank you!

Couponing Classes- JANUARY 2012

Happy New Year! I hope that this year has gotten off to a fabulous start for you! We have been very busy here at CoupoingWithErin and I am excited to announce the classes we have coming up for this month!

The first class will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2012. It will be at Simsonville Baptist Church from 9:30am-12:30pm. (Directions at We will be covering Couponing 101 and Couponing 201. Click here for specifics of what I will cover in each session. The class is $10/person to cover the cost of supplies, etc.

We are in the process of putting together another class for late January in Louisville. I will get the specifics up as soon as I can nail down the date and time. This class will also be $10/person and will be covering Couponing 101 and Couponing 201 as well.

So are you READY?! It’s all about saving money, having fun, and did I mention door prizes??  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these classes! I can’t wait to talk coupons and help you save tons of moo-lah in 2012!


Bonus SwagBucks and Save the Date!

UPDATE: New Bonus Code! (through 12/31)

Hello! Just wanted to get out a quick update about what is happening behind the scenes here…

First, the next Couponing Seminar on the schedule is for Saturday, January 21, 2012! It will be Couponing 101: The Basics and Couponing 201: Walgreens/ Drug Stores. More info to come but be sure to save the date now!

I know January seems far away but really it will be here before we know it! If you just can’t wait until January for a coupon class, contact me and I will let you know how easy it is to host one! As the host, you get extra benefits too! 🙂 Find more details here.

Also, while you are waiting on a coupon class, get a head start by earning FREE cash and prizes at Swagbucks! Click here for more info. Join today, enter Swag Code HOLIDAYSWAG at registeration and you’ll start off with a whopping 130 FREE Swag Bucks by signing up here! Also, today is MEGA Swagbucks Friday, which means you may be able to score more Swagbucks than normal just by searching the web, something we all do on a regular basis!


“Savings Beyond Coupons” Class!

Times are tough and all of us are trying to save money. Couponing for groceries and toiletries goes a long way but if you are a couponer, you know saving is addictive! I’m excited to present a new class that will teach savings so you can splurge!

This class will talk about holiday shopping on a budget, Date nights and Ladies Night Out without breaking the bank, Mystery shopping, Surveys, Swagbucks, and much, much more!! There will be door prizes and lots of fun too!

Ballardsville Baptist Church
4300 S. Highway 53
Crestwood, Kentucky 40014
Sunday, October 9th

$5 at the door (to cover cost of supplies, etc.)

Please contact me here to let me know if you will be joining us for the class. Also, share this post on facebook to invite your friends! 🙂

So where do you need to save money? Leave a reply below and let me know where you need to save most!