Tuesday Aug. 9th!! Couponing Seminar

I am so excited to be teaching Couponng 101: The Basics and Couponing 201: Walgreens at Ballardsville Baptist Church in Crestwood, Ky! Here are all the details…

Ballardsville Baptist Church (see below for link to directions)
4300 S. Highway 53
Crestwood, Kentucky 40014
Tuesday, August 9th
Cost: $10 for the Basics Class, Get the Walgreens class FREE

There will be tons of fun and door prizes. You will leave feeling confident that you can save 50-75% on your groceries and 60-90% on the toiletry items you buy! If you follow my tips, you will certainly make back the cost of the class on your first shopping trip!

If you want more info on exactly what these classes will cover, please go here to see a more detailed description of Couponing 101 and Couponing 201. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Directions from Louisville
Directions from Shelbyville
Directions from LaGrange

A huge THANK YOU to Gigi Wheeler for organizing this! You rock, girl! 🙂


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