Spend Money to Save Money!

Whoa! Have you noticed the price of newspapers in the last couple of weeks?! Here in the Shelbyville/Louisville/Frankfort area, Wal-Mart and Kroger have raised the price from $1.25 per paper to $2.00 each. Now, I’m not complaining…I know this is still a very little cost for the amount I save by using the coupon inserts each week but… what happened to the $1 papers that I bought when I first started doing this??

If you are in this area you may not know about a great deal that The Courier Journal is running right now. If you are a new subscriber, you can get the Sunday paper delivered to your door for $4.30/month for a whole year!! That is only $.99+tax per paper!! The best part is that you can get more than one subscription for this price. So if you wanted to get 3 papers per week, it would be around $13/month delivered right to your door! Running to the store for the same amount of papers each week would cost you $24/month + tax + gas to get there + your valuable time! Go on over here to snag this deal before it expires on August 31st!  If you aren’t from around this area, you might find a great local deal by contacting your newspaper office too!

How much does a newspaper cost in your area? Will you be buying fewer papers because of the rising cost? Do you think the rising cost of papers is somehow related to “Extreme Couponing?” Please leave me a comment and let’s talk about it!

**I am in no way being compensated from The Courier Journal for sharing this deal with you. I just noticed a great deal and wanted to share with my fellow couponers! Happy Shopping! 😉


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