Reasearch Study for Hispanic Women in the Louisville/Frankfort/Lexington Area

Whoo hoo! Have you ever taken part in a research study where a company pays you for trying a product for free? I have been chosen for a study being done at the Shelbyville Kroger store in the next few weeks. The best part is they are going to pay me $125 for 2 hours of my time! 🙂

Now, normally I am a bit leery of Mystery Shopping sites and Research companies but there are a few that I have worked with and have come to trust. (More about this in a future post.) The company conducting this particular research study is FieldWork Inc. This is a very reputable company that hosts studies all over the U.S. You can check them out here.

FieldWork Inc. has had some difficulty in finding qualifying applicants for this study. They are still looking for Hispanic women to participate but you must fall into all of the following categories:

  1. Must be Hispanic.
  2. Must be between the ages of 18-49.
  3. Must be bilingual (Spanish & English fluently.)
  4. Must have children under the age of 17 living in your home.

The study will take roughly 2 hours and you will be compensated $125 for your time and opinions. If you qualify, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I will send you all the contact details. If you know someone who may qualify, please share this post with them!

By the way, I am not being compensated or getting anything for advertising this. I just think it is a wonderful opportunity to earn some cash for your opinions. I enjoy participating in studies like this and getting paid for it! 😉


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