NEW Couponing Policy- Kroger in Shelbyville, KY

Kroger Marketplace in Shelbyville has recently updated their coupon policy. Here are a few things to keep in mind that have changed from before…

Buying Sunday Papersare limited to 3 per personPapers are still priced at $1.25 for now but you can only buy 3. Also, you will get fuel points when you purchase papers.

Electronic Coupons CAN NOT be combined with paper couponsYou can not use both Ecoupons and a paper coupon on the same product. If you have ecoupons loaded on your card they will automatically come off first if your card has been scanned and you will not be able to exchange it for a paper coupon. Ecoupons do not double.

Store Coupons and Manufacturer coupons can now be stackedYou may use applicable store coupon and one manu. coupon on one item. This will be very rare at Kroger as they only send out store coupons in their mailers and usually the store coupons are for Kroger brand items. However, if you do find that a store coupon and manu. coupon match up on one item, you can now stack them to get more savings!
Limit of 3 “like” coupons per Transaction.You will only be allowed 3 “like” coupons from now on in your order. “Like” coupons are multiple copies of the same coupon. For example, if you have gotten 4 papers and have 4 copies of $1/1 Crest toothbrush, you will only be allowed to use 3 of these coupons for 3 Crest toothbrushes. If you purchase a fourth Crest toothbrush in this order, your fourth coupon will not be accepted.

Limit of 3 Internet Printable Coupons per TransactionYou will only be allowed to use 3 printable coupons in your whole order. No exceptions. (This is very frustrating since usually printables come in multiples of 2.)

You might be asking if you can do two (or three, etc.) separate transactions to get around these limits. I did this today but the cashier let me know that usually this will not be allowed since it can take up more time at the register and cause frustration to other customers in line.

I spoke with their customer service department today and they gave me a copy of a very general coupon policy. It states that their are limits on coupons but not specifically what the limits were. I had to speak to a supervisor to actually find out about the printables and “like” coupons. I have requested a meeting with the manager to discuss the coupon policy further. I will let you know if or when that has been granted.

I know I’m not especially happy with some of the new policies but I understand that the store is protecting itself from “extreme” couponers. I also figure that if we are to adhere to the new policy then it is the store’s responsibility to let us know specifically what the policy is. For now, I hope we all will graciously and honestly try to follow their new coupon policy or just find another store that will gladly accept more than 3 printables at a time. 😉

Happy Couponing!


One thought on “NEW Couponing Policy- Kroger in Shelbyville, KY

  1. I’m sorry to hear about these new changes in Shelbyville. Kroger has been making similar changes in Kroger stores across the country, starting with the ending of double/triple coupons in Houston on April 13th. The limit to “like” coupons is challenging, but benefits Kroger greatly, since they know most avid couponers will simply make more trips. This doesn’t really protect Kroger since couponers will find a way around the limits, but it DOES actually increase their profits. More trips = more gas used = more fuel purchased at Kroger fuel stations = greater profits for Kroger. I also find it distasteful for Kroger to make these changes in an effort “to protect themselves from extreme couponers” when they actively, willingly, and knowingly participated in the TLC Extreme Couponing show on multiple occasions. They helped to create the problems and the negative perception caused by the show, made themselves “appear” like victims, then used it as their shield as they end doubles, tighten policies, set limits, etc. Doesn’t seem fair to me. Where was the protection, care, or concern for their honest and loyal couponing customers??

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